How we are different from other marriage agencies?


We are a team of people who works to do everything to make your search for a life partner easier. Most of all we are interested in your success and marriage.

We are a local agency and you will not find five thousand profiles of ladies in our database. But small is not bad, we think it is our advantage because that is why we appreciate every client that we have and give him or her as much attention as possible. For us datingmarriage service does not only include translating and forwarding letters, arranging meeting and delivering gifts, it is professional advising, help, assistance and personal answers to questions.

Our motto is "Actions speak louder then words".

The other plus is that we do not depend on any big datingmarriage network. Do you know that starting from March, 6, 2006 American based agencies cannot have Non American Gentlemen as clients? We are an independent marriage agency and that is why we can have clients from any country of the world and be ready to help you and assist you in any way within our services.

All the ladies in our database live in Kiev or other small towns close to Kiev. So we know all our ladies personally and keep in contact with them. When the lady comes to our office and wants to become our client, she has to bring an internal passport to prove her identity and give valid information about her marital status, age and the place of living. So we have a database of all the passports of ladies as a proof that all our ladies are real. As you can see, every month we place about ten or more new profiles of ladies and take off many profiles too for different reasons (The ladies can be married, in a relationship, not interested in our service anymore). Plus you should notice that 90% of the photos of ladies that you see on our web-site were taken by the workers of our office and not by professional photographers in expensive studios so we personally guarantee that they are very close to reality.

We value and appreciate every lady that comes to our office. That is why our agency stopped selling contact information of the ladies and we have several reasons for that. We want to protect our ladies from the possible risks. You may have a question about the risk. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Other agencies may buy the contact information of the lady and place her profile on web-site with a bad reputation, or the one that offers escort services. This business is very aggressive and big networks don't care about this small people. They sell women's addresses for 1.5$ per address (if you buy membership or if you buy more then 10 addresses)!!!! And they can't guarantee safety to these women!!!
  2. There are different cases when men come to the ladies' homes without any notice. Nobody knows these men, they could be people with bad intentions and it is not very polite to come to somebody without even knowing this person.


So now you understand how protective we are about our ladies. That is why we also support a new American Law "International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005" that is eligible for all American and Canadian citizens. We think that this act protects both ladies and men from unpleasant situations and it also protects us.

We recommend our ladies to exchange contact information with a man only after meeting in person in order to avoid any risks but we value every client that we have, both men and women.

But recently we have added new option for our clients. If you and the lady decide to exchange contact information you can just buy it through our agency. Preliminary correspondence and lady's permission are necessary.
Advice: Ask for contact information only if the lady is fluent in English or you are fluent in Russian. As you will have direct contact with her, you will need to provide all translation and direct communication yourself. The agency cannot be responsible for any misinterpretations or problems with any communication that occurs outside of our approved and trained translators. We will not be able to assist you with issues that go on outside of our agency. This includes issues with relationships, misunderstandings, delays in message delivery, lost letters or any other incidents that may occur.

So here is a little information about us, our work and our database. We tried to include as much information as possible in this article but if you have additional questions, you can ask us a question by writing an

With best regards,

Anna Zvarich /MissUA/