First date tips


how to put up a good show

   Legendary Russian and Ukrainian women are known all over the globe. They're really special IN EVERYTHING. Please, keep it in your mind while deciding to date one of them :-).

   There are a lot of beauties of all age rates.

   Russian and Ukrainian women are used to be treated like real ladies and princesses and by their side they want to see a real gentlemen. You should look tidy and neat. And what knight without a flower? Do you think it is old-fashioned to come with flowers? May be, but not here. The first impression is essential, so you won't damage your wallet by buying at least one rose per 2 dollars. The result won't keep you waiting - the first step to conquer a woman's heart is done!

   Here it is common to accompany a lady from door to door. You will obviously gain her favour if you pick her up and after the date find a taxi for her. The taxi prices are much lower than European.

   Remember, Russians and Ukrainians don't like to be bought, so avoid boasting about the number of cars and houses you have and even more, showing her the pictures of all your treasures! Try to tell more things about yourself and encourage the conversation by asking the lady questions of different kind (but please, not about sex priorities or something private:-). Be jolly and witty. Women adore it!

   And finally, wrap her with your manliness and tenderness and follow the motto:


Additional info

  1. The restaurants in Ukraine sometimes may have slow service but don't give too much attention to it, Ukrainians are used to it.
  2. Ukraine is a country of contrast where you can see both a vagabond and a fashion lady in the same street.
  3. Ukrainians always try to look their best, even without a special occasion. You can be shocked of amount of girls wearing extra high heels during the daytime and bright dresses, bought for the last money.
  4. Not being a part of EU, Ukrainians have to face an amount of troubles with getting visas in embassies and having endless interviews.