Gifts delivery for your lovely lady

If you would like to send flowers, candies, perfume or something else to your favorite lady we can do this for you.

We can also deliver anything you need to any person you know living in Kiev and Kiev region. In this case we would need to know full contact information of the person. If you have a special request please send us your wish and we will email you back a price quote for whatever it is that you may like to send. Delivery is usually available within 48 hours. For details e-mail us.

Examples of flowers and gifts

We try to deliver the gifts as you see them in pictures but they can be changed according to the availability or lady's desire or replaced to the one of the same value.

Simple, yet sophisticated to show your true feelings. Roses of any color (you can specify)
7.00$ per flower
The Queen of England loves them in pink. Carnations of different colors (you can specify)
4.00$ per flower
The most tender flower as a representation of your sincere feelings. Lilies of the various colors according to lady\'s choice
8.00$ per flower
Tender flowers Alstroemeria will make your sweet lady smile..
5.00$ per flower
Beautiful bright bouquet of lilies and other colorful flowers made with love so your lady feels like the happiest woman on Earth (old price-50$)
"You are my Joy"
New big bouquet of lilies and pastel colored roses made with love for your Miss (old price-50$)
"My Miss"
All season\'s flowers in one basket!
"Flower basket"
Big beautiful bouquet made of long-lasting flowers to show your feelings towards her (old price-65$)
Big bright bouquet of long-lasting flowers and fresh greenery to show her the strength of your love (old prices-60$)
"Flower tree"
Tender bouquet made of the queen of flowers - orchid
Tender and delicate bouqet of lillies and various green accents for romantic moments

""Roses in snow""

"Lilies fantasy"
A cute and cuddly symbol of your care - plush toy according to your wish or the wish of your Lady
"Plush toy (medium size)"
Delicacy, passion or romance enclosed in a bottle of her favorite perfume (we ask)
A special drink for Princess - a bottle of fine champagne or sparkiling wine (Lady\'s choice)
Advice: the classic way to present champagne is with sweets or flowers
Golden pendant for a long memory...
"Golden Pendant"
Luxurious jewellery for the best woman...
"Golden Pendant with Diamonds"
A golden chain to caress the neck of your special lady
"Golden chain"

"SPA relaxation"
A flower that will never fade and make her smile every day with cute, delicate blooms
Basket full of fresh fruit to show her how much you care (old price-35)
"Vitamin basket"
A box of her favorite chocolate sweets (Lady\'s choice) (old price-20$)
Ladies simply love sweet things. Give her a special treat (we\'ll ask her favortie kind)
A box of delicious chocolates for your lady.
"Ferrero Rocher"
Basket of fresh fruit and a bottle of fine wine will make her feel your care and warmth.
"Fruity delight"

"Fruity plate"