7 Great Tips for Men Seeking Ukrainian Women

New to dating and marriage? Newer to dating and marriage outside your own country? Well, there is no need to worry. We are an established dating and marriage agency based in Kiev, Ukraine. We understand your anxieties and are here to help you understand the dating process in Ukraine better.

Based on the feedback of many men who have used our experienced dating and marriage agency to meet the Ukrainian women of their dreams, we have compiled a list of 7 tips to benefit you in your search for a perfect Ukrainian woman partner. For those of you who are an old hand at this, there is always something new to learn!

Be careful with Money - If you are searching for a beautiful Ukrainian woman, then you will want to woo her with your love and not money! So, do not boast about your bank accounts and a prosperous life. Don't offer her money if you haven't met yet. However, if there is a valid reason to send money to the woman, then send the money via our agency so that we can make sure that it is used properly.

Your Picture - Your picture should be your's and not of a movie star! Be truthful and honest. Choose 2-3 of your best pictures or to a photo studio to make some nice ones. This will help you to improve your chances :).

Be Different - Woo your prospective Ukrainian woman in style. Try including something extra to convey to her that she is special. A poem, or a pressed flower, a soft toy, or anything that you think can win her heart. Try your hand at a poem as an ode for the lovely Ukrainian woman!

Correspondence - "Words, Words are all I have to take your heart away" is a very popular song. Always write to this woman in simple and plain English. English may not be her first language, but she will be able to understand your letter better if you keep it simple. If your handwriting is difficult to read, you may consider typing it. And also don't write her very big letters simply because it will be really difficult for her to read them.

The Magical first letter - Your first letter should be fast-paced and interesting to read. Talk to her about yourself and your background. You can even write about your hobbies and interests. Just write your first letter, to the Ukrainian woman, like you would talk on your first date.

Showing You are Interested - How can you show that you are interested in the woman? By asking her questions about herself! (but not many in one letter because she will be very confused what to write about). Women like attention, and what better way to shower attention that by asking this woman about her hobbies, her likes, dislikes and many other things? Or ask some interesting questions to make her respond to you immediately!

Do your homework - When you correspond with a Ukrainian woman, make sure you do some basic background research on Ukraine and also about its culture and traditions. Equipped with independent research you will not only impress the lady, but you will also be able to prevent stepping into any traps! Of course, if you are seeking your Ukrainian partner with the help of our dating and marriage agency then your interests will be safeguarded for sure.