How to behave in Ukraine


  1. When being introduced to a woman, don't kiss her on the cheek and hug because it is not very common in Ukraine for a man to greet a woman he meets for the first time in that manner.
  2. On the first date do not be too affectionate because many ladies will consider your behavior and intentions as unserious.
  3. Being in Ukraine, forget the saying: "looks aren't important". First of all Russian and Ukrainian women will look at your clothes, then at your face. Keep in mind that they are always well dressed (with or without an occasion) and good-looking, so it is important to match them.


  1. Note that Ukrainians are very hospitable people and they will definitely offer you a cup when you visit them :)
  2. If you are going to meet the mother of your beloved Russian woman - it will be very nice of you to bring flowers for the mother. Remember that the first impression is always VERY important!
  3. God forbid that you should buy yellow roses!!! :-) They mean breaking-up and that's not a good sign if you buy a bunch of those.
  4. If you plan to attend a party at a Ukrainian home be sure to come hungry. Hospitable guests will feed you to death with national Ukrainian cuisine and will never let your glass be empty. So get ready :-)
  5. You will be really surprised when you see all the dishes, prepared for you, the rainbow of colors in traditional borsch, delicious vareniky and other tasty things. In Ukraine you'll see many sorts of caviar, the most expensive is the black one. Try not to miss the occasion to taste it the Ukrainian way - a slice of bread with butter and caviar.
  6. It's a tradition that a man fills the glass, not a woman, so watch your lady carefully, so that her glass is full.
  7. Toasts are very important. Drink to health, meeting, fortune - whatever you like! A good toast builds trust.
  8. Ukrainian nation have very strong vocal skills, so be prepared for singing yourself and listening to others!


Ukraine is a European country and Kiev is the capital city, so the prices in the restaurants are the same as in Western Europe. Unfortunately the service is a bit slow but don't pay too much attention to it. Don't be surprised if the waiter or waitress will be in a bad mood. :) The lady will not appreciate if you are rude with the waiter. The tip is usually 10% from the bill and the tips in most cases are not included in the bill.


That's a common question for someone who is planning a visit. Here you can find many different places to satisfy the tastes of all gourmets. There are 3 types of places to eat:

  1. The cafes and small restaurants of McDonald's type. There you can east fast food or just have a small coffee brake and spend very little money (6-10 dollars per each person).
  2. Cafes and restaurants of middle class, where the dinner will cost you approximately 25 dollars per one person.
  3. Restaurants of high class where only one dish will cost 25 dollars or even more. But usually they are the best ones with a great interior design and good service.

It's not necessary to bring any food with you when you come to Ukraine - you can buy everything here. People here do not live in jungles!!! :-) Here you can find all the world leading brands.