Tips about a trip to Kiev

  1. Visa is not required for EU, Canada and the USA citizens.
  2. Ukraine does not recognize dual nationality.
  3. Credit cards are not widely in use, so have cash at hand.
  4. You can easily change money in the centre. But remember that they are not 24-hours open, so do it before 8 pm:)
  5. Tipping 10%
  6. Medical care below western standards.
  7. The city looks its best during the chestnut bloom.
  8. Kiev is generally a safe place for tourists. People are very friendly, warm, welcoming and generous.
  9. Ukrainian cuisine is known for the variety of cooking methods.
  10. Don't forget to try "salo" (Ukrainian lard) and vodka.
  11. Drinking in public places is allowed.
  12. You should boil the water before drinking.
  13. CDs and DVDs are much cheaper in Ukraine than in western countries.
  14. Most hotels are overpriced and of surprisingly poor quality. Instead it is better to rent an apartment.
  15. If you bring flowers, make sure it is an odd number of flowers.
  16. Never whistle inside the house. It means that there will not be any money in the house. :) (Ukrainian superstition).
  17. In Orthodox Churches women wear scarves or hats, and men take off their hats.
  18. Be prepared to take off your shoes upon entering a house. In most cases you will be provided with a pair of slippers.
  19. Don't take the garbage out in the evenings. :-) (Ukrainian superstition).
  20. It can be very dark at nights, especially in neighborhoods and back yards. You'll need a pocket torch if you are not in the main streets.
  21. Always carry your international passport with you (or just any identity card) because you might be stopped by a police officer in the street and asked to prove your identity.
  22. Few people in the street understand English.
  23. Don't you ever take part in any "street lottery"! Your mission in Ukraine is not investing into the shadow economy:)
  24. Keep an eye on your belongings, passport and money! There's a particular attention to foreigners from pick-pockets.
  25. Always punch your ticket while on a bus or trolley bus.
  26. "Marshrutka" (a minibus) will offer you a fast ride for little money.
  27. If you come in summer, take your bathing suit. Apart Dnipro river, there are a lot of lakes in all the districts of the city.