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Ukraine? - Eastern Europe
KIEV? - Destination # 1 in Ukraine

Population: approximately 3 million people.

Location: The capital of Ukraine is situated in the North Central part of the country. It was built on the picturesque hills overlooking the Dnepr River.

Climate: Kiev has a mild continental climate with four seasons. Don't be afraid of severe frosts and heavy snowfalls because winters are usually mild with an average amount of snow. The temperature varies depending on the year and the season. To find out the actual temperature it is better to see the weather forecast.

Local time: +2 hours Central European Time. It is +7 hours New York time, or +10 hours Los Angeles time). For exact time information, see here.

Literacy rate: 100%

Year of foundation: 482 A.D. Yes, Kiev is really more than 1,500 years old. It is one of the biggest, oldest and beautiful cities in Europe. This city even has a beautiful legend of foundation. In XI century it was the largest European city: 15 times the size of London, 10 times the size of Paris.

Objects of UNESCO heritage: St.Sophia Cathedral and Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

Kyiv area: 836 Only 350 sq. km or 42,3% have been built up within the city limits. So 55% of the city area is occupied by green parks and gardens. It makes 20 square meters of greens per resident. The full map of Kiev with extended search functions you can find here.

The city is an interesting mixture of two civilizations: Eastern and Western. It's the birthplace of East Slavic Culture.

  1. The largest number of beauties per square meter.
  2. Haven't heard of such a thing as modern Ukrainian art? Visit one of the numerous art galleries.
  3. A big number of restaurants which serve different cuisines will suit the most gourmet taste.
  4. The largest European town of XI century: 15 times the size of London, 10 times the size of Paris.
  5. The birthplace of East Slavic Culture
  6. Objects of UNESCO heritage: St.Sophia Catherdral and Kiev Pechersk Lavra
  7. 55% of the city form its green parks and squares.
  8. 20 meters of greens per resident
  9. The city lies at the turn of 2 civilizations: Eastern and Western