Our dating services

  1. Introduction services. You charge 90 Euro (100$) for 1 meeting arrangement.
  2. Membership on our website. Membership (registration) in or datin agency is absolutely free. All you have to do is just register and wish to use our dating services. As a member you can enjoy many services that we offer such as correspondence, gifts delivery etc. And also look at all the profiles of the ladies without any payments.
  3. Mail forwarding. This is a service that will make your correspondence easier because we can personally assure you that every letter to and from you will be delivered.
  4. Translation services. If your lady does not know English, it will not be a problem because our workers will translate your letters carefully and professionally so that you and your lady understand each other.
  5. Gifts and deliveries. For Valentine's, birthdays, holidays, special occasions or when you feel like surprising your lady, we have Flower, Candy, & Gift delivery available for all our women of our datin agency living in Kiev and even outside!
  6. Apartment rentals. We can arrange an apartment for you, so you do not have to worry about a place to live during your trip to Kiev. We work with the landlords directly and we have a large database of apartments to suit every taste.
  7. Romantic tour. Our special offer allows you to save money on your trip to Kiev and make is easier and quicker. We are here to help you so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We can arrange your accommodation, transfers to/from the airport, interpreters and meetings with the ladies you’ve chosen, so that you can enjoy your trip.
  8. Photo session. We can make an additional photo session of a lady you are corresponding with, so you can get many new pictures of her.
  9. English lessons. If your lady does not know English but really wants to learn, we can help her. You can order English lessons at our agency, or ask us to find the most effective English courses in the city.

A special photo session

A special photo session of your lady allows you to have many beautiful pictures of her, so her image will be with you every day. We will make photos professionally and of a very high quality, so you will not be disappointed!
After you meet and fall in love, wouldn't you want to have beautiful photos of you together with your beloved lady? We can arrange even this! The professional high quality pictures that you will never get tired looking at!

Name Price
A professional photo session of your lady 40$

English Lessons for our ladies

Do you want your lady to communicate with you without any help of an interpreter? Or you want to understand her better? Or she simply needs to improve her English? We are here to help you. We'll do our best in finding the most effective courses and teachers for your lady, so she learns English fast and at a good price. Just contact us and we will be glad to help you.


Easy steps to find your soul-mate with the help of our match-making service!

  1. Please send us your detailed profile and recent pictures along with the list of the ladies you are interested in .
  2. We will contact these ladies, give them all the information about you and schedule 5 meetings with those who are interested in you.
  3. We know all our ladies in person so we can also give you advice .

Nothing can be easier!!!!!!!!!