Transport in Kiev

You can find taxis anywhere in the world, and Kiev is a city that has more than plenty of them. Taxis in Kiev do not have any distinctive color, like in London or New York but they have a usual taxi sign. It is safer to order a taxi by phone because then the price will be adequate. But that is if you speak Russian or Ukrainian. Otherwise you can ask your friends or just people you know to call one for you, or write down the name, the number of the street that you need to go to and the price on a piece of paper and give it to the driver.

Subway (metro)
If you're looking for an interesting experience you can try Kiev subway :). In Kiev this type of transport is considered the fastest and the most convenient. If you know how to use it and you know the station you need to go out on, it will maybe become one of your favorite ways to get around in Kiev and one of the least expensive by the way :). And also Kiev metro is known for colorful and vivid design of stations, some have Stalinist motives, some Ukrainian folk motives and some very modern style. Kiev metro is used by millions of people every day but it stays clean you will not see graffiti or garbage there. The map of Kiev Metro you can find here.

Kiev also has buses, minibuses, trolleybuses and tramways but the network is so extensive and sometimes confusing that it is not recommended to use these types of transportation, unless you can speak Russian or Ukrainian. But of course people can be very helpful and advise you what bus to take.