Ukrainian women

   Ukrainian women is the biggest treasure of Ukraine! This is what Ukraine is really famous for!
   Have you ever thought what ladies are the best in the world? Who is a real beauty, smart, who cooks† delicious meals and who is most caring? The truth is simple - these are for sure Ukrainian women!

   You will be surprised. Ukrainian woman can do everything! She can do business as well as housekeeping. That's she who wakes up earlier than anybody else in the family, makes grocery, carries heavy bags home, cooks few dishes, feeds the family, brings the kids to the school or kindergarten and runs to work until late, etc.

   What makes a Ukrainian woman so special?
   High heels, long hair, short dress- this is the first impression of seeing Ukrainian girl. But after talking to her you can find deep soul, warm heart and witty brains!

   The following lines written by a famous writer are about Ukrainian woman : she can stop a running horse and walk into the burning house. She doesn't like laziness. She prefers to be active. She can do any work and she is beautiful in any dress. They have got a walk Ц a walk of the Tsarina. Only a blind person won't notice her. Somebody who can see her will say, УShe walks as the sun shinesФ .She is the eighth wonder of the world! She is tall and slim.

   Ukrainian women are always different. If they are abroad, they can be recognized easily. Even if she wears flip flops and jeans instead of high heels and dress, if she hides her hair under the hat and her face under the big sun glasses Ц anyway people will notice her class and will approach her trying to learn her better only because she is Ukrainian!

   She can bear the coldness and the hunger and she always has a lot of patience. She always has a huge menu for dinner and she is very hospitable. If you visit her house she gives you everything she has. Her children are always in clean clothes, healthy and happy. Her house is always clean and tidy. She always makes you feel comfortable! This is a real Ukrainian woman! Who are the most beautiful women in the world! For all foreigners Ukrainian women are the most attractive. All of them dream about Ukrainian wife.

   The most feminine women are Ukrainian. Just think about Olga Kyrilenko, Milla Jovovich, Dasha Astafjeva, Oksana Baiul, Ruslana, Yulia Tymoshenko etc. It does not matter if she is a teacher or a politition - Ukrainian woman looks very feminine and charming!

   Ukrainian women are a golden standard of femininity!
   Ukrainians are very interesting and intelligent interlocutors. They are ready to support any topic, any conversation. They are very open-minded. They know how to show their virtues and how to hide their vices. They've got a strong spirit. They can sacrifice anything for their love and families. They can forgive what not many people can praise. They are real women, the standard of femininity!!!