Where to live in Kiev


   The hotels in Ukraine are very similar to European, at least by their prices... but surely not the service. As a matter of fact, Ukrainian hotels have inherited the soviet traditions of hosting. And it hasn't experimented any cardinal changes since then.

   The USSR was the closed country, divided from the West by the iron curtain. As a result, no international guests in the soviet hotels. The hotel service was aimed to satisfy the needs only of internal guests, in other words, citizens of different soviet republics. The prices were veeeery reasonable, but free cheese can be only in a mouse trap. No good money - no good service. After collapse of a "Great Union" Ukraine hasn't changed much. We are mooving towards the West, but obviously not in practice.


   People all over the world are accustomed to certain things - in Ukraine things may differ :)

   You are going to Italy and reserve a hotel room? Oh, please, forget about it in Ukraine, at least if you don't want to spoil your vacation by comparing PRICE / QUALITY. You will pay a fortune but won't get the expected comfort. The best type of accomodation in Ukraine is renting your own appartment, it will cost less and the comfort will follow you during all your stay in the country.

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